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Graduation Day for YouthBuild Newark Class of 2010


YouthBuild Newark’s commencement ceremony yesterday was filled with testimonials from students who, in the words of graduate Ebony, have become better versions of themselves.

“I would not say that I’m a new person, but I’m an improved person,” declared Ebony, one of three students to share her “story of transformation.”

“I’ve learned to trust people…I have faith in myself and I believe in myself,” she said. “I never would have guessed in a million years that I would be getting my high school diploma today.”

Transformation, both personal and collective, is an essential part of YouthBuild Newark’s mission. Since the organization was founded in 2003, students have inspired others with their narratives of hope and possibility. Yesterday, they also sang, read poetry and performed a rap song.
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Prudential volunteers and YouthBuild Newark students work together

YouthBuild Newark students and Prudential employees measure sheetrock together. PHOTO BY AKINTOLA HANIF

Prudential employees got a piece of the sheetrock today when they went to work at YouthBuild Newark’s newest program site, under construction on 15th Avenue.

About ten volunteers from Prudential’s Real Estate Department got construction tips from students, who showed them how to measure and install sheetrock.

After a short time on the job, they had already learned a few things.

“I’m definitely learning safety first and communication is the key,” said Tony Stivale, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate at Prudential.
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