YouthBuild Newark students featured in Star-Ledger’s Newark Live

YouthBuild Newark student Carlos is ready for graduation. PHOTO BY AKINTOLA HANIF.

YouthBuild Newark’s soon-to-be graduates and alumni had a chance to share their stories in Newark Live, a weekly pull-out section of The Star-Ledger. You can find the story here.

The students who were profiled have faced many obstacles. Jamillah, a graduate and administrative intern at YouthBuild Newark, resorted to dealing drugs to take care of her young children. Carlos dropped out of school to work for his dad, but wasted his time partying. Juan, who grew up in foster care, joined a gang and was locked up for stealing cars.

But they all completed the YouthBuild Newark program and found some stability. They have been taking college courses or planning to enroll. A key to their success has been the relationships formed with staff and classmates, who’ll be there for them even after they graduate.



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