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YouthBuild Newark inspires South Africans

YouthBuild Newark students show South African officials our independent living facility under construction on South Orange Avenue. PHOTO BY AKINTOLA HANIF

Most YouthBuild Newark students haven’t heard stories of apartheid, a form of racial segregation similar to the Jim Crow laws of the South. But they have some things in common with the youth of South Africa, which didn’t abolish apartheid until 1994.

“Although we may be worlds apart, the issues we face are very much the same: Poverty, unemployment. I hear you have a high drop-out rate in Newark, too…And I’m sure you’ve probably experienced some form of racism,” Yershen Pillay, an official with the South African National Youth Development Agency told students. (NYDA)

But the South African government sees YouthBuild as a way to change that. Read more



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